Rap Music

Between the ages of 15-17, my parents were in the process of divorce. Around this time, under the influence of my brother I got into writing and recording rap songs, including the writing of instrumentals of various genres. Much of my preferred style was heavily aggressive and poetically violent, similar to the lyrics written by rapper “Eminem”. This tendency was likely an emotional response of resentment toward the divorce, coupled with the heavy hormones of a teenager. This was also a time when I still subscribed to the Christian religion, which had influence on some of my music. This creative streak led me to learn music theory, compose full classical tunes, and graduate high school with awards and scholarships in music. I regard rap music as a useful tool in allowing for the expression of anger and alpha-dominance, and exercising humans’ poetic nature. Rapping is a generally fun activity, prompting the delivery of cut-down insults with precision and tact. Enjoy!


Rap Songs:

Different of Me (song written to father following the divorce):

Warrior’s Way (wrote lyrics and instrumental, including sample):

The Last Soldier:

Green (1st verse brother, 2nd verse myself):

Beatdown Freestyle (arranged the instrumental):

Equal Measure:

No Return (1st verse brother, 2nd verse myself):

See Through Me:

Rabid (my first single, wrote lyrics and instrumental):

Standing in the Spotlight (1st verse brother, 2nd verse myself):

Justification (wrote instrumental, rapped on 2nd verse):




Be Ready:

Pharaoh’s Flute:

Hands Down:


Movie Music:

Movie Music 2:

Latin Cruise Line Special:

Final Countdown Remix:

Hardcore 1:

Hardcore 2:

Hardcore 3:

Hardcore 4:

Made it Through:

Piano Beat:


Dark Alley:

A Haunting:

Strength Lifts: