I spent years performing as a percussionist in a marching band (2 years as captain of the school drumline), school concert bands, a professional drum corps, and a jazz band, as well as composing music of all different styles, genres, and instrumentation. I received awards in music, as well as two scholarships for my compositions. The mp3’s of many of those compositions are posted below, having been produced using a music software. Enjoy!


Piano Suite:






Marching Band:

To Glory:

Edge of Glory:

Glory, Glory Hallelujah:


Concert Band:

Scottish Dawn: I conducted a performance of this piece, performed by my high school’s advanced band.

White Oak Canyon:

White Oak Canyon Choral Arrangement:

The Unchallengeable:

March of the Minions:

Apollo 11 (early piece):

Peace and Pride (early piece):

Battle at Kruger (early piece):

Dance of the Victors (3rd piece ever completed):

Ananta Boga (2nd piece ever completed): 

Black Friday (1st piece ever completed): 



A Beautiful Thing:

A Love Song:

Summer Sunset:



Quiet Winter Nights:


Small Ensemble:

Jazz Lick:

Quick Woodwind Quintet:



Drum Break:

Shots! Drum Cadence:

Hour Glass Drum Cadence: