Brief Thoughts on Marriage

Some people may feel burdened by marriage, as if it places heavy chains on their life. Me, I feel strengthened, augmented by marriage. The ring I wear is a physical representation of this augmented social circumstance. I am a romantic, and I would be hopelessly lost and lonely without such companionship.

It is also perfectly reasonable to expect my spouse to not want me to be with other partners; her attraction toward me indicates that she favors my genes sufficiently, and wishes to use them to pass on with hers to maximize the chances of survival of said genes (being passed to descendants and living on through them). Likewise, my attraction towards her indicates that I perceive to have found a good candidate for the propagation of my genes. We’re doing well so far, with two healthy and intelligent daughters.

Now, while gene propagation is the primary basis for attraction, it is not the only fundamental human necessity fulfilled by marriage. As mentioned above, companionship is crucial; we are an incredibly social species and require sympathetic socialization for optimal mental health. Furthermore, the traits of an individual which partially represent the condition of their genes may appear favorable, but an off-putting behavior or personality trait of the individual could demotivate any long term companionship.

Marriage also provides a grand motivation to work harder. One of the biggest motivators for people is working in favor of a higher purpose. Working to support my spouse and children is one such higher calling.

Speaking of marriage in these terms is not to diminish its subjective value, how much it means to us emotionally, how we feel about it, and our passions toward it, rather it is an important realization of the nature of marriage, and it offers a perspective for unsure individuals to view the topic in a new light.

If you wish to know my views about marriage in general, I will be writing a blog post regarding the institution of marriage, noting topics such as homosexual marriage, government involvement in marriage, and polygamy. Soon to come.

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