How I Level Up

I was raised in a household that provided well for my siblings and I. However, since my wife and I began living on our own, we went from being physically hungry as hell and struggling financially, to me being in the top 1% of income earners for my age group, without a college degree, and her being able to stay home with the children while she finishes her degree program. We pride ourselves in that our children were never left hungry. Parenthood is sacrificial in nature.

I cannot speak for anybody else, but the recipe for my success has been hard work, smart work, dedication to learning, and a willingness to take risks. Furthermore, the grind requires discipline. One must be dedicated in their pursuit to continue to progress incrementally. You can’t just think or plan, you have to DO. I can’t even say that I’ve ever just set one goal and pushed until I achieved it. My goals have changed drastically over my few years of adulthood. All the while, however, I worked hard, took risks, made strategic moves, and progressed forward as an individual and as a professional. This has enabled me to “level up” in my circumstances and social stature.

Strength = Struggle x Repetition. Struggle does not necessarily imply a struggle within one’s circumstances; struggle can be self-induced for purposes of personal growth. Even if I were to not achieve my goals, the amount of growth I will have experienced over the period of time that I am working toward the goals will be unbelievable, as I am tilting left on the chaos vs order balance to challenge myself as an individual, forcing myself into a struggle to grow at a rapid rate.

I don’t consider myself a victim of circumstance, but a controlling agent of my destiny. I embody the alpha, I become the king. Any burden I ever carry is heavy as it needs to be to make me strong. I become a burden to that which opposes my forward progression. Thus, I obliterate my obstacles.

I am Aaron Hunter Cooper, first of his name, conqueror of weakness, commander of destiny, master of mind, monster among men, father of two shieldmaiden, and King of the Cooper household. I am a provider and protector, and a force to be reckoned with.

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